Master Air Compression Control, Increase Performance

AIRMASTER™ is the result of over 30 years’ commitment to the air compressor control market.

This relentless pursuit of excellence by the CMC team and its dedication to become the pre-eminent figure in the air compressor landscape – the master of its craft – has resulted in the creation of three unique products designed to optimise air compressor performance via simple, easy-to-use controls.

AIRMASTER™. The Manufacturer’s Silent Partner

The consequences of ineffective or unhealthy air compressors can be severe, whilst the prospect of manufacturing downtime can be devastating.

For almost three decades, AIRMASTER™ has been developing air compressor control solutions that have improved the performance of high-profile OEMs’ air compressor products across the globe and ensured that they have remained at the forefront of their respective industries.

With AIRMASTER™, manufacturers can incorporate air compressor controls safe in the knowledge that each and every unit is the outcome of a longstanding and rigorous research and development programme that has harnessed the expertise and knowledge of the industry’s most skilled designers, engineers and technicians.

Whilst we cannot take credit for a business’s success, we feel that we have added value to OEMs around the world by keeping their compressors operating efficiently, productively and sustainably.

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