Tomorrow’s Compressed Air Control Technology, Today

If your business is committed to adopting a comprehensive air compressor control solution that delivers optimum performance and increases the lifecycle of your air compressor or vacuum product, then here is why AIRMASTER™ has become the manufacturer’s choice around the world.


Industry 4.0 and MODBUS ready
Maximises performance, helps to increase compressor asset lifespan and minimises compressor wear and tear
Fully compatible with AIRMATICS™ range
Products designed and manufactured in-house to increase longevity of product, support full product lifecycle and eliminate the inconvenience of built-in obsolescence
Easy-to-use control interface that can be tailored to individual OEMs’ functionality and design requirements
Brand agnostic. AIRMASTER™can be used as the master control for up to seven slave air compressors – regardless of brand
Belgium-designed and built products to guarantee quality of build, longevity and availability