Case Kit Model

Develop, test and debug AIRMASTERTM hardware and software using DEVELOPIT – a portfolio of developer tools for OEMs

Enhance AIRMASTER’s range of controller solutions by tailoring them to your own – and your customers’ – requirements.

DEVELOPIT has been created to empower OEMs by providing them with the flexibility to continue improving, developing and optimising our AIRMASTER range of compressed air controller solutions.

Form Fit Simulator


Fit Simulator


Form Simulator


Airmatics Fit Simulator


  • Benefit from AIRMASTER’s developer case kit, which allows you to begin your development journey within minutes
  • Harness the power of AIRMASTER’s rack simulator – an easy-to-use simulator that provides immediate access to a testing and debugging environment
  • Enhance your after-sales service offering: DEVELOPIT enables after-sales teams to debug and diagnose reported issues, test new and upgraded software configurations prior to deployment and emulate field conditions remotely
  • Increase the lifespan of your AIRMASTERTM solution by providing the opportunity to revise rather than replace
  • Powered via mains or the rack’s rechargeable battery
  • Supports desk and ‘in the field’ simulation, testing and debugging
  • Add value to your product marketing campaigns by showcasing your flexibility via our products’ ongoing development potential

Prolong the lifecycle of your AIRMASTERTM controller and increase product sustainability by upgrading it according to yours and your customers’ requirements.

AIRMASTER’s support team are aware of your development journey in real-time, so as soon as your development environment changes, so does our product support.

Add an extra dimension to your after-sales service by using DEVELOPIT to debug, diagnose faults and test new and upgraded software prior to deployment.

Add value to your marketing by providing new and existing customers with reassurance that their controllers can evolve with a continually evolving industry