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Customise the entire range of AIRMASTER™ products using Controls Studio, our easy-to-use software development platform for OEMs.

Quickly customise your AIRMASTER™ product range without relying on CMC’s in-house software engineers.

By choosing one of three software licences, you now have the power to quickly and cost-effectively tailor your AIRMASTER™ product range to suit the needs of your business – and those of your customers.

Choose one of three licences that
best suit your business’s needs:

Controls Studio Licence - Trekker - Blue


Create AIRMASTER™ software kit files and manage their distribution between a desktop PC environment and physical AIRMASTER™ devices

Controls Studio Licence - Mountaineer - Blue


Includes additional parameter access and industry configuration tools typically used by service technicians during pre-delivery, commissioning and routine maintenance

Controls Studio Licence -Aviator - Blue


Provides OEMs with a comprehensive suite of features and functions that enable 360-degree customisation capability

Controls Studio - Front


  • ALL licences include AIRMASTER’s in-built security protocols to ensure that access rights are appropriately managed
  • Configure the AIRMASTER™ controller’s design and user experience in line with how you want to see it via the parameter and user configuration functions
  • Quickly and easily create and manage your own fieldbus register
  • Harness the power of Display Designer to create alternative graphical interfaces for your AIRMASTER™ controller’s layout

Bypass one-off software engineering costs by selecting one of three annual software licences – all of which are a fraction of the cost of delivering bespoke software engineering work.

Quickly and easily create a ‘hand in glove’ relationship between your compressed air assets and AIRMASTER™ controllers by ensuring that every feature supports every aspect of your compressed air asset.

From font, graphics and language files through to application software and parameter data, Controls Studio enables users to download tools, assets and kits straight to an AIRMASTER™ controller.

Make your AIRMASTER™ control solutions unique to your business without relying on third-party software engineers. With Controls Studio, customising your controllers can be carried out quickly and easily – by you.

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