Building on the functionality and easy-to-use graphical interface of AIRMASTER™ FIT, AIRMASTER™ FORM, the medium range product from AIRMASTER™, provides enhanced customisation and bespoke configuration possibilities that enable OEMs to integrate controllers designed exclusively for their needs.

FORM also features an innovative after-market option called ‘Clone key’. Plug Clone key into any FORM controller and it will perpetually retain vital utlisation, parameter, log and event data. If the need arises to replace the FORM controller, simply move its Clone key and data transfer takes seconds, not hours!

AIRMASTER™ FORM’s series of enhanced features and customisation options include:

Colour graphic display
Intinuitive touch display option
‘Built-in’ phase protection
Prime and Fan motor current protection
Durable ABS plastic enclosure
Convenient terminal arrangement
IP65 fascia protection
MODBUS ready
Industry 4.0 / IOT ready
Factory or Aftermarket IOT Option module
Asset group control ready
Command & Control ready
Enhanced User Interface customisation options
Parameter recovery option using ‘Clone key’
User interface LED options
Parameter recovery option using ‘Clone key’

AIRMASTER™ FORM can also be integrated with any compressor, regardless of brand, and management of up to eight compressors is achieved via serial communications.

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